Use Cases

Used as a security feature on online markets (airbnb) and dating websites
Core feature of social networks, powering facebook competitions, optimizing recruitment processes, and enhancing websites with multimedia uploads.

Instant webcam photo & video uploads for your website

80% of Facebook users have a webcam installed

Webcam Snapper

Webcams have become an essential tool in almost all laptops with popular messaging and communication applications like Skype and MSN Messenger featuring webcam video chat. They are also a cheap accessory for desktop computer users to add to their system, and very simple to install.

Online Trust

Is user verification an essential part of your business?

Webcam Snapper

Many websites rely on their users' identity to be verified in order to create trust, especially when it comes to the exchange of money or even to ensure physical safety. Snapper is ideal for helping you build trust that your users are who they say they are.

A webcam photo or video taken whilst the user is logged into their account is far more likely to be authentic. Combined with other forms of verification it can be used to build up a comprehensive user trust profile. For examples of how this can be done take a look at the airbnb trust and safety center.

Some of our customers take this even further using Snapper to verify ID cards, driving licenses, and passport details as required by law. For this particular use case we have developed a special version of Snapper Pro that captures multiple high resolution snaps. These can then be merged and enhanced using advanced server side image or video processing. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help your business.

User Profiles

Bored of seeing placeholder images on user profiles?

Webcam Snapper

When you are creating a new profile on a site you don't always have access to your digital photos or they may not be appropriate to the context. With Snapper you can create a profile picture immediately and move on to interacting with the community you are joining. There should be no reason for incomplete profiles anymore.

Minimising the chances of drop-off during the sign-up process should be one of the highest priorities for website owners. Why risk the chance that a user will give up on registering if they don't have a photo? Eliminate, "I'll come back to this next week" and implement Snapper today!

Dating Websites

They are using Snapper

How can you ensure authenticity when everyone flatters to deceive?

One of the biggest problems facing dating sites is that you have no guarantee that people are who they say they are. Photos uploaded by users are often outdated or fake, which is misleading, disappointing, and ultimately reflects badly on the website. Snapper can be used to help improve the authenticity of dating profiles. We put date stamps on images the moment they are created and offer instant webcam video upload, so users can assure themselves of other people’s authenticity.

In addition, how many people have a photo of themselves that is ideal for online dating? Namely, not in a group situation, facing the front, clearly in focus and with a nice expression. Think about it. How often have you had that kind of photo taken? Graduation? First day at work? Passport? Snapper gives you the perfect chance to take a great photo and you can try it as many times as you like to get it just right.

For more detail on how Snapper can enhance your Dating Website please download our PDF.

PS: The effects and filters in the widget can be easily turned off if you don't require them.

HR & Recruitment

Do you have the feeling your recruitment process could be more efficient?

We’ve all been there. Going through hundreds of CVs, holding one round of interviews after another, trying to get to know the applicants as good as possible to make sure you pick the right ones. The recruitment process can be a very long and tricky one.

Snapper will take a lot of work out of your hands when it comes to HR & recruiting. Just invite your applicants to capture a brief video resume of themselves. They can do it right away on your website and submit it together with their written CV or covering letter. The big advantage for you is that this spares you the first round of interviews. Snapper allows you get to know your potential employees and make a first selection before they come in for an interview. That’s not only a more efficient way of recruiting, but also a great opportunity to save you a lot of time and nerves.

Competitions & Marketing

How do you capture the user the moment you first engage them?

Photo competitions or video contests are a popular and fun way for brands to engage with their target audience. Snapper works because users don't need to deal with digital cameras. They can take a snap or a short video in an instant and join the competition, zero fuss. More engagement and less drop off leads to more effective campaigns, and ultimately, more ROI for you.

Inspiring your audience to create content around your brand massively increases the likelihood of them advocating your message to their own community by sharing and promoting the fruits of their labour, especially if they need votes to win! Use Snapper in your campaigns to bolster viral activity and help spread the word.

Social Networks

How can you capture a visual moment or mood in real time?

Snapper on Social Networks

People love sharing multimedia content, so much that almost 3,000 photos are uploaded to Facebook every second, as well as 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Many of those are taken using webcams, yet most sites don’t offer the ability for users to use their webcams to take photos or videos.

The webcam is the modern day Photobooth. It's a fun way to capture and communicate moments in time. Users have developed new, inventive ways of conveying messages and emotions with their webcams. We built (optional) filters and effects into the widget to expand the possibilities of what people can create. Add Snapper to your social network and unleash the creativity of your audience!

Capturing photos & videos has never been easier! Find out more